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Sleep Like A Baby

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Sleeping better is as important as exercise and healthy eating. These are considered as the three pillars of life. Good and proper sleep is said to nourish body, helps detox and improve memory. When our body is sleeping it starts producing growth hormones and also undergoes repairs. Sleeping better helps in optimizing health. Sleep in excess or not sleeping will destroy health and happiness.

Here are some tips to help you sleep better

1. Stick to a sleep schedule- Set aside six to seven hours for sleep. Go to bed and get up at same time every day.

2. Reduce blue light exposure at least one hour before sleep- Gadgets emit EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) that can interfere with your sleep. Hence try keeping your sleep space gadget free or put them on airplane mode.

3. Restrict caffeine and tea consumption post sunset. Having coffee, tea close to bed time can hinder your sleep.

4. Read book one hour before bed time, reading rather than screen time helps you sleep better.

5. Try meditating before sleeping, this helps relax your mind and helps to improve sleep.

6. Use yellow dim lights in your room post sunset this helps to induce sleep.

Some food that helps you sleep better

1. Chamomile Tea- A popular herbal tea that is filled with antioxidants helps you sleep better.

2. Kiwi- A low calorie and highly nutritious fruit, it helps reduce inflammation and helps in improving the sleep quality.

3. Walnuts- This brain shaped nut is high in its nutrition value. They help in improving sleep regulating hormone melatonin, hence improve sleep quality.

4. Milk- A source of tryptophan. A cup of milk before bedtime helps improve sleep quality.

Food in addition to exercise plays an important to role in improving sleep quality. It is best to consume the sleep-enhancing food 2 to 3 hours before bed to avoid digestive issues like reflux. Following these would help improve your sleep quality and also help with depression and anxiety.


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“You are what you eat” this is what we have and what we hear on a regular basis. Health is the most precious gift bestowed upon us and we tend to ignore the signs our body gives regarding our health.

As a kid there was no complications or confusions regarding food. Eat what was served was the only mantra. Whereas now a days food options are vast. There are number of diets and varieties of food available in the market which is overwhelming. The ignorance towards the principles of healthy life is the main cause for ill health. Most of the health problems are caused due to poor food habits and poor lifestyles. Balanced diet, adequate exercise and mental equilibrium leads to a happy and healthy life.

We eat today judging the food by its appearance, taste and convenience rather than understanding its health factor. This habit becomes difficult to change or adjust at later stage, hence cultivating a good eating habit from an early stage is very important. The sooner we start the better. Eating refined, processed and preserved food has become a day to day habit for many without even realising that this would be the reason for many health issues. The word Diet now has been just limited to weight loss or muscle gain. The importance of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates, probiotics have been generously ignored. A balanced diet is very important to maintain all the vital functions of the body and to improve immunity against common diseases.

Some healthy tips to eat right are as below

1. Plan Your Meals Ahead- We always end up having outside food when we are hungry and have nothing healthy to eat, so plan your meals in advance. Carry healthy snacks while travelling for work.
2. Eating Right- Always focus on your food while eating, chew them thoroughly, eat while hungry and always check the portion size.
3. Drink Water- Always have water instead of sodas or sugary juices, they might spike your energy levels the moment you have them but then result in causing lethargy.

Remember, we eat to live a healthy life the food that goes to our body is going to decide how healthy we would be in coming years. So always think, plan and make healthy choices.


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With the change in weather, sneeze, coughs and runny nose are in full swing. The viral in the air have been activated and immunity levels have drop down. Our daily activities, physical and mental well-being gets affected. So let us learn more about the Common Cold and building our immunity to help us heal naturally.

There are 100 different types of viruses and if even one gets into the body we catch cold. Once a cold virus attacks the body, our immune system launches a counter attack to defend the body. This response from the body is in the form of cough, stuffed nose, runny nose and headaches. The common cold infects the upper respiratory system. These viruses are contagious. We can contract them when someone affected sneezes, coughs, or even by touching infected surfaces. Because there are 200 sub types of viruses that can cause cold, our body can rarely build resistance to all of them. Hence the name common cold, it often returns with the SNEEZE. According to CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), adults get 2-3 colds and children get around 12 colds per year.

Cold results in sneeze, headache, runny nose, sore throat and fever. A strong immune system will help to recover from cold without medication. The lower the
immunity, the longer the healing process.


1. Take 1 inch ginger, one clove garlic, 3 peppercorns, 2 cloves, 2 cardamoms, and one inch cinnamon stick, mash and boil in water. Reduce to half, strain and add honey. Drink this concoction twice or thrice.
2. Do not over eat - When sick, body needs time to heal do not over eat and give time for body to heal.
3. Hydrate- Drink plenty of fluids because cold leads to water loss from body, increasing the chances of dehydration. Soups are a good way to increase consumption of fluids during cold.
4. Raw turmeric drink- Boil ½ inch raw turmeric or ¼ tsp turmeric powder in a cup of water for 5 min, add honey and drink this. Curcumin in turmeric, help increase immunity. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of turmeric help fight infections
5. Steam inhalation- Boil water in open vessel; add 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Cover head with a towel and slowly inhale. Do this morning and evening for 10 minutes. This helps cure blocked and stuffy nose and chest congestion.
6. Rest- When we limit our screen time and mobility, body gets more resources to fight cold. Do not exert. Breathing exercise, relaxation and walking are good to help the body fight cold.

Stay healthy and strong.